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Presenting Passionately - Open Course May 21, 2024

Passion is the secret sauce when it comes to presenting. When you are expressing authentic passion about your work it is contagious and sparks inspiration and curiosity. This course will help you tap into your authentic passion and let it out. You will also get tools to continue to move your audiences into action.  


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My mission is to help as many people as possible live bigger, bolder lives and let themselves fly. These video or live courses, workshops or coaching programs will help you become a more bold and confident professional and person. Let's go!



Virtual and Live Workshops

Hillarious Fail Gloriously‚ĄĘ course with Spotify and Josh Lenn

Fail Gloriously™

Change your mindset towards failure and unlock a bigger, bolder you. 

Josh Lenn Presenting Passionately Coach

Presenting Passionately

All the tools you need to crush presentations by expressing authentic passion. 

Teambuilding workshops with Josh Lenn

Uncool School

Embrace your uncoolness and use it as your superpower. 

Presenting Passionately – Academy 

There is no other moment in your professional life where you can make such a big impact as in a talk or a presentation. If you can grab these moments, it will not only boost your career. It will also make you a more bold, confident and passionate person. 

Thousands have taken the course live. Now you can take the online version of the course. 

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Jennifer McCarron
Director of Legal Operations and Technology, Netflix

While at Spotify, I joined Josh’s presentation skills workshop. I found the workshop really insightful and extremely well programmed.

Josh seamlessly integrates in theatrical exercises and breaks them down into very usable components suitable for a corporate setting. He has a very refreshing and energizing approach to teaching. There were no slides or stale formulas. Not only were my presentations better at the end, everyone’s were! Techniques I learned from Josh are a permanent part of my public speaking foundation.

Lina Trulsson
Senior Product Designer, 
McKinsey Design

I was astonished how Josh brought out the excitement, playfulness, and an acceptance to failing that mesmerized the whole group. It gave me the confidence to host and energize an audience of 100+ people.

If you’re looking to unlock a hidden potential within yourself, to the point that you may even surprise yourself, I can’t recommend Josh and his Presenting Passionately class more highly. I am forever grateful to him for teaching me the power of celebrating failure and unlocking a bolder and more confident me. 

Pernilla Petrelius Karlberg
Program Director,
Stockholm School of Economics

Josh has run numerous Presenting Passionately sessions  for the SSE Executive MBA and Extended Leadership Program in the last seven years, and he delivers high quality every single time.

In 2017 the Extended Leadership Program rated him the #1 speaker in the program.

I have even hired Josh to work with us internally at SSE because I felt his session was so valuable. I recommend Josh if you want to take your presenting and leadership skills to the next level. 

Fail Gloriously – The Way to Success

When team members are afraid to fail, there will be no progress. People will play it safe and won't try new ways. 

The core of Josh Lenn's work is "Fail Gloriously". We need to embrace failure. It's fuel for winners.

The online version of the success course will be available later this year.


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