Presenting Passionately Academy

Everything you need to take your presenting skills to a whole new level. 

No matter if you're a beginner or a professional speaker, this course will help you grab the audience's attention and make your presentations memorable. 


"Josh Lenn is a breath of fresh air- the flavor of the Presentation Passionately Academy is not like any other self-led online learning pathway out there. It is challenging, powerful, and truly encourages the learners to interact, take action on their growth in a fun way, and provides opportunities to harness and build on presentation skills at all professional levels. We highly recommend it!"

Pelin Frydman, L&D Manager at Spotify

Why should you take this course?

When we are able to present and speak from our own authentic voice and express our authentic passion we can move and inspire our audiences.

This self-led course is not like any other presentation courses which give you lots of theory, tips and tricks. We will take you on a journey that is fun, challenging and will help you improve the HOW you deliver your presentation. You will explore and discover your unique voice and style. 

Throughout this journey you will not only become much more magnetic and expressive as a speaker, but you will also uncover loads of impactful content that you will be able to apply to your daily work.

We all know how important speaking and presenting is, and that we need to improve, but we don't always know how. This course will give you the tools for massive and continuous growth. It will help you make a huge leap in your confidence and delivery no matter what level you are at. 

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“I felt pretty confident presenting on stage, but when the pandemic hit and I started to present and run workshops online, I felt that I lack energy and even sound fake. I felt like I couldn't move the audience in the way I would like to. Your course is exactly what I need. It gives me an opportunity to explore, try different things, go crazy and go big in a very safe environment. It is very challenging, but I see immediate improvement and that what makes me turn on the camera and practice every day. It is really empowering!”

Tatiana Solodko Kuruca, 
Innovation Leader at Cybercom

Join a supportive community

One of the things that makes this course unique is the community. The people who take this course are serious about growth. The way to achieve huge transformation in this course is to perform the exercises that are presented in the videos and film yourself presenting.

After you film yourself we encourage you to post your video in the comments section. Part of the work is that you watch other people's videos and leave encouraging feedback.

We are overwhelmed by the generosity and encouragement the participants show each other. They are inspired by each other and encouraged to go further. This results in amazing work and going beyond what you imagined could be possible.

Express yourself

It feels amazing to really tune into your authentic voice and style and express your authentic passion. Of course this course will help your career, but more importantly help you feel more confident about being you. 

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