Have you ever felt anxious after a presentation?

Feb 14, 2021

If you are like me and you are taking big risks and being bold when you are delivering a talk or presentation, then you are probably experiencing some vulnerability hangovers. Some post-presentation anxiety. This can hurt. Your mind can go wild and start to question and doubt the choices you made. It can be painful. 

However, this an inevitable part of your growth. When you are bold and expressing passion you are making yourself vulnerable. As Brené Brown says, you are standing in the arena, and making yourself available for judgement. In order to make big leaps and really let ourselves fly we need to get more comfortable putting ourselves into these situations. Even if it equals a vulnerability hangover. 

This video explains my process for soothing a vulnerability hangover.



1. I call a friend who I feel can listen empathetically. 

2. Take a walk in the forest that nourishes me.

3. Replay the movie of me going big and add a little version of me giving myself a round of applause. 

4. Listen to Brené Brown's story of her TED talk vulnerability hangover and realize I am not alone. 


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