A glimpse from one of the exercises in Presenting Passionately Academy

Oct 05, 2021

This video is from my online video course Presenting Passionately Academy. We were totally unrehearsed (as you can see) when recording it. I was thinking of filming a 30 second long example, but it just didn’t stop! 😄😅

So what’s the point in doing an exercise like this?

The point is to explore the extremes of your emotional register. When you are more familiar with expressing them, your comfort zone grows regarding how much emotion you dare to express in a presentation. If you’ve gone this far when practicing, it’s simply easier to show a little more emotions in your talks.

In the course, people are encouraged to film themselves in some exercises and upload the results for other course takers to see and to give positive feedback. The results are simply hilarious!

Do you think you would dare putting yourself out like that?



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