Expanding Your Comfort Zone

Dec 08, 2021

Do you ever feel like you have stopped growing as a presenter or facilitator?

One thing I do to prevent that is that I always keep pushing myself. I know that If I’m on my toes, the audience will be on their toes as well.

With a ”Yes and-attitude”, I’ve decided to talk at arenas, dance with audiences of many thousands online and perform improv at TEDx. Was I afraid to do these things? 😬😬😬 Hey, I almost freaked out!

But my comfort zone expanded a lot, and guess what? Now it’s not a completely crazy thing to talk at arenas anymore.

I would love it if you dared to go a little outside your comfort zone every time you facilitate or present. Believe me, things will start to happen.

Please share something bold you’ve done or something bold you’ve seen in a presentation, in the comments!

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