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Presenting Passionately - For Sales Leaders May 7th, 2024

Are you a sales leader? Small business owner? Solopreneur? Sales professional? 

Passion is the secret sauce when it comes to sales. When you are expressing authentic passion about your work it is contagious and sparks inspiration and curiosity. This course will help you tap into your authentic passion and let it out.  

Embark on Transformation

Embark on a transformative journey in my open course of Presenting Passionately. Elevate your presence and become a more magnetic, impactful, and memorable presenter by unleashing and expressing your inner authenticity and passion. This video offers more details on the content. 

Open to All

Previously exclusive to individuals at Netflix, Capgemini, Stockholm School of Economics, and other frequently hiring companies, Presenting Passionately is now open to everyone this day. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your career by taking your presenting skills to unprecedented heights.

Exclusive Setting

Join an exclusive small group at Fotografiska in Stockholm (max 12 participants) for personal attention and connection to your authentic self.

Release Your Passion

Transform your presentation skills, release your authentic passion, captivate your audience, and drive unparalleled success in an exclusive and supportive environment.

Extra Features

Enjoy awesome food, an art tour, and receive personal feedback, ensuring your journey to authentic passion is well-supported.

Experience the Energy

This quick video captures me speaking at Avicii Arena in Stockholm. It's a glimpse into the authentic passion I bring to the stage, energizing and engaging thousands of professionals.

Photography & Filming Consent

By booking this event, you agree that parts of the event may be photographed or filmed for marketing purposes. We are committed to ensuring that all footage used are respectful and considerate.


Enjoy an all-inclusive experience with no hidden costs. VAT (moms), food, and art walk are all covered in the ticket price. Would you prefer an invoice, sent to your company? Get in touch at [email protected] and we'll solve that.

Book Your Journey

Secure your spot now to passionately advance your presentations and your career by embracing and expressing your true authenticity to the world!

Any Questions

Do not hesitate to reach out. Simply contact me at [email protected].

What People Are Saying:

THIS WAS THE BEST DAY EVER! Thank you so much Josh for creating this space for all of us to bond and grow. This magic happening in such a short timespan doesn't happen very often. Though it does if you're facilitating it!

Shaena Harrison, CEO at Tjena AB

This week a dream came true for me. 🌟 I've been following Josh Lenn for years now and the amazing work he's been doing with several big and well known companies. Now, finally, he arranged open sessions where you didn't have to be part of a specific company to come. What he does? He makes grown up people at work let down their guard and PLAY. 🕺 Isn't that wonderful? We lose so much of our playfulness when we grow up and it's sad, I think. When we play, we find joy and creativity. That makes us work better together. It helps us become innovative and to communicate better. But what's even more important, we start liking ourselves a little bit more. When we like ourselves it's easier for us to like other people. This turns into a growing spiral of acceptance, openness and dialogue that the world urgently needs more of. Thanks Josh and all you other wonderful people joining the Presenting Passionately session last Tuesday.

Boel Stier, Marketing Director Baseload Capitol

Highly recommend this course with Josh Lenn. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I have always loved presenting, but felt that I had reached a plateau in development since some years back. Josh re-ignited me and challenged me to develop both body language and tone of voice. No digital tools all day. A transformative experience under excellent. Time so well spent!

Veronica Wänman, Investment Manager at Baseload Capitol

Josh is one of the most appreciated and highly evaluated lecturer/faculty/ workshop leaders I have had in my customized programs for SSE Executive Education. We are very picky and Josh always delivers over expectations. I can highly rekommend. 😊👌🏻

Malin Nyman, SSE Executive Education

10 out of 10! Why? Because it was really fun to challenge myself and see how much everyone in the group developed during a single day! I had a lot of fun and it was both calm and fast-paced at the same time! Josh really knew the art of picking out a few specific behaviors to work on in each of us. At the same time, he was great at boosting what we were already good at and also getting us to strengthen each other. I applied what I learned to a big lecture after just a couple of weeks - guess if successful!

Annika Strömsten, Organisationskonsult

❤️🩷🧡💛💚 Without a doubt one of the most inspiring courses I`ve been taken. What I loved most was the fact that there were less talk and so much more "walk" which made us all better and more Bold & Confident the minute we walked in that door! I use many of Josh "reminders" daily.

Camilla Ternsted, VD Team Interim AB

Thank you, Josh for the exceptional "Presenting Passionately" course. Your ability to push us beyond our comfort zones, coupled with the incredible psychological safety you foster, is truly commendable. You’r a star! ⭐️

Helena Söderlund, AtlasCopco